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The Roncast 51: TRC51 – Judgement is Total Bullshit. Drop It – Leave the Haters Behind. Escape that Downward Spiral

Confidence, humility, balance. Share, but don’t judge. Raise others up, don’t beat them down. Be kind, thoughtful, and empathetic toward yourself first, and then others. Leave the BW fake...

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The Roncast 50: TRC50 – Sick, Tired & Uninspired? Maybe You’re Living the Wong Life

So many of us arrived where we are now almost completely programmatically. We do our day-to-day routines of work and family and what not yet we feel unfulfilled and...

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The Roncast 38: TRC49 – If Your Life Sucks, Here’s How to Change It In a Big Way

I promised you inspiration, and here it is. If there’s something in your life that just isn’t what you wanted , here are the simple steps to make changes...

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The Roncast 48: TRC48 – Jim Rohn Shows How to Leave An Awesome Legacy

Want to live large, and leave an enduring legacy? Here’s how, courtesy of the amazing Jim Rohn…

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The Roncast 47: TRC47 – Toss the Self Improvement Book. All This 1 Thing Will Totally Change Your Life If You…

You don’t need another seminar, webinar, book, or course to make your life better. You need just 1 thing. Don”t You Dare Skip This One!

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The Roncast 46: TRC46 – Don’t Be So Damned Naive. You Don’t Get to Make Decisions for Yourself.

Happiness will NEVER be yours, until you understand how little you are involved in decisions you have made. Happiness will be yours forever when you get this…

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The Roncast 45: TRC45 – I Asked Obama’s Top Guy – WTF Are You Doing With Your Life? He Said…

Hopefully, I’m not too late… Know what you want. Learn how to get it. Obama’s top guy could not answer this. Can you?

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The Roncast 44: TRC44 – Secret to Retirement Happiness for Boomers

For late boomers, this is a key time to get set up for excitement, comfort and happiness in retirement. Here’s how…

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The Roncast 43: TRC43- Near-Billionaire Dad Guilted About $ by Spoiled Kids

So what if your father or your mother is wealthy. Why do you think that that means you get that well when he or she passes away? Let’s deal...

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The Roncast 42: TRC42 – Let’s Deploy Your $1,000,000 Idea!

This covid-19 in the butt if nothing else has given us time to be introspective and creative. We’ve been forcibly removed from the normal way that we bring value...

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The Roncast 41: TRC41 – Life’s difficult enough. Use failures to your advantage & put the haters to work.

Let’s face it, every time you start to get ahead somebody’s pulling me back. People want to cheer you on right up until you’re about to get ahead of...

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The Roncast 40: TRC40 – We are back! Get $100 Helping Me Save Someone

I need your help, and I’m prepared to pay you $100 for it…listen in to get the deets and help me rock this!

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