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TRC71 – New years resolutions suck, so forget about them. Do this instead, it’s completely life changing!

Yeah, I know. 2020 really sucked. But the last thing you need right now is more pressure on yourself to do some BS resolution. They don’t work, and never have. Try this instead. It is life changing!

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The Roncast 70: TRC70 – Crazy Christmas and Crypto Crappolla

Yes, it’s been a strange year, this 2020. Let’s have a look at what is REALLY going on in COVID19, and what is NOT. Also, a warning sign or two in the cryptocurrency trading space, and an introduction to Simon Black of Sovereign Man...

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The Roncast 69: TRC69 – The Biggest Mistake Small Biz Owners Make

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you probably do things like reinvesting in your business. You also probably have no parachute for if your business tanks, which h has been the case for so many in 2020. Here’s the most elegant solution imaginable.

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The Roncast 68: TRC68 – 1 Super Simple Trick To Make Biz & Life Better Starting Today.

A Google search for how to grow or your business returns an overwhelming bagillion results. This 1 simple thing will have an immediate, sustainable impact on your business, your staff, and your piece of mind. Just do it!

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The Roncast 67: TRC67 – Leverage COVID-19 to Build a Customer eMail List

COVID-19 Restrictions and regulations vary from province to province and state to state, but in many cases, local business owners are required to record customer contact information to be able to contact them should they come into contact with a COVID-19 carrier in their...

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The Roncast 66: TRC66 – How Clever Small Biz Owners Game the Online Space

So many local business owner are in between a rock and a hard place right now with the restrictions from the pandemic, and the reduced foot traffic to their businesses. So, they are spending bad money after good on marketing agencies, agencies that will...

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