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The Roncast 51: TRC51 – Judgement is Total Bullshit. Drop It – Leave the Haters Behind. Escape that Downward Spiral

Confidence, humility, balance. Share, but don’t judge. Raise others up, don’t beat them down. Be kind, thoughtful, and empathetic toward yourself first, and then others. Leave the BW fake narrative in your mind that makes you feel better when you attack others, in person, in social media. ¬†Technology is revealing who you really are – social media is showing the real you – the judgemental you. Be you. Be totally you. Build your legacy. I won’t judge you. I am here for you. Beside, who the F# am I to judge you or anyone else, anyway? You might not yet be able to do some thing you hold as important, but there are things you are awesome at. You are awesome. Just be that, as you work to learn new things, and, in time, master those as well. It’s time we look at one another with compassion, understanding, acceptance, and buoy one another’s lives and spirits.

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